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From shamanic journeys to TED talks, these five authors have all shared unique and thought-provoking experiences, lessons, and teachings, sure to shed light on your own spiritual path.


Daring Greatly- Brené Brown

Brené Brown asks us to put down our shields and be softer with ourselves. As an extensive researcher, she has interviewed and collected thousands of accounts of shame, joy, and disconnection, to understand the key elements of what makes us willing to risk ourselves for the chance to connect and live wholeheartedly. She purposes the courage of vulnerability and how it has the opportunity to shift our experience away from the cultural view of weakness, and how it is fundamental to living an authentic, and emotionally fulfilling life.


The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements is a quick but potent read of the basic teachings of the Toltec wisdom of the natives of Southern Mexico. The agreements themselves are codes to life, and ways to live fully and impeccably. Each one easy enough to understand, compelling enough to practice, and underlying them, the potential for reflection and transformation of our every day experience. For anyone interested in concrete practices to foster spiritual development, The Four Agreements is an inspiring read, that can take less than a day but stay with you much longer.



Pronoia, Is the Antidote for Paranoia – Rob Brezsny

Rob Brezsny gets life. He understands the divine connection of the whole, the collective consciousness, and the preciousness of life, but also the bizarre, the cosmic giggle, and the perfectly chaotic. He has created his manifesto, Pronoia, as an active invitation to experience life and all it's perfect nonsense while bending your perceptions of God, the universe, life, love, and every other conceptual truth.

He proposes that life is conspiring for you, rather than against you and is waiting at every moment to show you. Pronoia is filled with mantras, dares, instructions, and do it yourself examples of how to expand beyond what you think is a spiritual life, into living open and radically under the umbrella of all that is good.


Shaman Healer Sage – Alberto Villoldo

Shaman Healer Sage is part diary, part spiritual guidebook, of Alberto’s life changing trip to the Amazon, living with the native Q'ero people. His writings and work has helped bring shamanism to the western world and create a school that translates ancient teachings into modern tools for healing. His experience is immersive, and constantly tested and tried by the wisdom and playfulness of the Q'ero, who's word views are both mystical and sacred, but also light-hearted and mischievous. Shaman Healer Sage is about healing the mind, body, and emotions, through energy, intention and unseen systems of the body and the teachings that exist beyond what we can perceive.


Embracing No other- Will Brennan

If you want to really peel back the layers, and provoke some bigger questions, sit with Will Brennan's journey. Embracing No Other is Brennan's account of the experiences with the wisdom of plants to uncover and understand self. This book is about the spiritual quest of searching, our notions of identity and what happens when it all get's deconstructed. About what lies behind perception and who is doing the perceiving. Embracing and understanding how to just be, and beingness. This read will provoke your ideas of belief and concept of self if you are open to the teachings of the plants.



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