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So you’d like to be more spiritual, preferably within the next week? No problem. Just because it is said to have taken the Buddha 39 straight days of meditation to achieve enlightenment, doesn’t mean we need to race toward illumination. Every stride we take toward a more spiritual existence is a worthy undertaking. Try these five simple steps, for one week straight to get you headed on the path to enlightenment quicker than you can say om.


  1. Morning meditation

Start your day with a simple meditation practice, in the comfort of your own bedroom. Before jumping out of bed to make coffee or check your email, take a few minutes to sit up, breathe and invite a sense of gratitude into your awareness. Let it linger a few minutes as you breathe deeply, and once you’ve established a tangible feeling of appreciation for life and its many blessings, you’re ready to start your day with a sense of spiritual zeal.


  1. Get moving

Whether you practice yoga, chi qong or freestyle dance, bringing awareness into your body turns any movement into a spiritual practice. Explore balance, coordination, and strength to notice where stuck energy can be freed up. Observe how your mind responds to challenge and see if you can invite a sense of steadiness and ease into those places that test your endurance. Make sure to do this practice at the same time every day, whether morning, noon or night, to establish a consistency. With such discipline, you’ll be feeling more spiritual within no time.


  1. Take action

Connecting with your community through altruistic action is an undeniable way to get on the fast track to spirituality. The most valuable thing we have is our time, so get out and share some of it with those in need of a kind gesture or a friendly smile. Take action by finding volunteer opportunities in your area. Working with children, the elderly, homeless, abandoned animals or volunteering at a local community farm is a great way to tap into your spiritual nature.


  1. Commune with nature

One of the easiest ways to cultivate your spiritual side is to get outdoors. Depending on where you live, communing with nature can be more or less accessible, but if you look hard enough it is usually somewhere within reach. Taking an early morning walk, whether down the block, through the yard or in the countryside, is a perfect way to soak up the soothing energy of a new day. Sitting quietly by a river, under a tree or in a garden invites reflection and contemplation, which can leave a “spiritual” impression on the rest of your day.


  1. Sound bathing

Immerse yourself in the healing power of sound to bring out your spiritual side. Music has been shown to significantly affect the brain, thereby influencing our mood and the way we feel. Listening to classical, traditional or ceremonial music can create a sense of deep peace, but it’s also possible to create your own sound experience through toning, singing, and mantra. Try taking time every day to make sound or listen to music that stirs your soul.


No matter what the reason for wanting to fast-track your spiritual practice, the most important aspect is consistency. At first, establishing a new pattern can be a challenge, but by utilizing these 5 simple steps for one week straight, the practices will start to settle in, and your spiritual side will begin to emerge naturally.

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