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The Alma Food and Drink Concept

Low carb high fat, low carb high protein, vegan, raw, small portions 5 times, large portion 3 times or intermitted fasting – the options and advices the world of nutrition is giving us are manifold. We at ALMA believe there is not only one way to live an healthy lifestyle.

Every person is unique and depending on your body type, mindset and personal preferences different concepts will suit your needs.

In order to help you find your right diet mix we give our customers the choice to experiment with different diet options:

Liquid Fasting

Liquid fasting is a traditional way of detoxing your body. By only consuming liquids you give a rest to your digestive system and flush out all the accumulated bad stuff in your system. We offer a choice of juice fasting options with our partner Detox Delight or traditional Buchinger Fasting Methods.

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Raw Food

Raw food diets focus on vegan ingredients that are high in nutritional value, barely processed and heated to a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius. The aim is to consume foods that our bodies were naturally meant to digest. Some foods commonly enjoyed on a raw diet include nuts, seeds, fruits, and veggies.

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A vegan diet is free from all animal products like meat, dairy, fish and eggs. The focus is 100% on plant-based eating from foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. Veggies can be enjoyed hot – like our delicious soups and veggie barbecues warming up chilly desert nights.

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Low Carb

There are many low carb diet concepts like Atkins, Paleo or Bulletproof – the main idea of all is the reduced sugar intake and increase in protein and or healthy fat consumption. If you can’t resist your meats you can chose to include animal proteins in your retreat experience.

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Portion Control (only available in the ALMA Lifestyle programs)

Many famous diets like Weight Watchers or the dash diet promote a balanced diet with all foods included though with limitations in quantities. You can try this method as part of our ALMA Lifestyle program customized to your preferences and needs.

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Given current food trends and increasing intolerances we only offer gluten and dairy free programs in our retreats though you may choose to include these foods as part of your ALMA Lifestyle program.

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